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July 13, 2022

What is the Imagination?

The imagination is a place. It heralds forth as if a call to those who begin to question it or wonder of it or even remember it. It is a place of creation; it is the place of creation. It is where all things that you see with your eyes at this moment COME FROM. If you look to your car, your house, your clothing, the food you eat, the toys children play with, the buildings of the cities, the aircraft flown within. Each and every material ‘thing’ has come straight out of someone’s imagination.  You can call it their designs but where does the design ‘come from’? The artist; the writer; the singer, dancer and more. Most call it someone’s talent and of course it is but it is of their creative essence which begins within the imagination. The imagination has been downplayed if not downright denied and yet it cannot be because all upon the earth are creators therefore they must create. You create consciously or unconsciously; that is the truth. To be aware of and ‘work with’ as in align with in the memory of who you are will land you in the place called the imagination.

If one begins to open their mind and allow the essence of the creative source that lives within, they will easily begin to recall that place from which creation springs.

Why would the truth of one’s imagination be downplayed, or denied or spoken of as a place to stay away from, useless, mindless, taking one away from reality etc? Because the imagination is the most powerful tool in the human toolbox that will or can lead them to the truth of who they are; but the creator of their own reality. In simply questioning the validity of the imagination, there comes forth an attention to it which moves towards memories ‘of it’. One of the greatest examples of keeping mankind from using the power they possess is by withholding from them the information in regards to the validity, access and truth of the imagination.

Is the imagination real? It is more real than anything your eyes see; in fact it IS the creative source of all that your eyes see. Ironically your imagination is used daily; some call this daydreaming; we call it creation and the key to creating your desires is within the emotions that you hold as you are within your imagination……………….that place of creation. Everything you see here was created firstly in the imagination. This is an enormous concept however this spectacular truth is waking upon the earth all across the earth. You may have heard of the concept of the ‘law of attraction’ and how the imagination ‘ties in’ with this is simply this: what you create in your imagination will manifest ‘always’ UNLESS you deny it to yourself and the manner in which you deny or grant anything to yourself is within the emotions that you hold in regards to it. If you create something or clearly see something within your imagination it will be yours unless you emote doubt or emotions of unworthiness or the most enlivened one of all is disbelief.

It is ironic that those who have memories question the imagination for what takes place within the process of hypnosis is the allowance of the mind to bypass the rational and go straight to the imagination; that place where one’s story lives however we see clearly their denial (and there are different levels of denial) because that is part, has been a part of one’s belief system. As real as is the imagination, so too is the reality/realness of one’s beliefs. What great purpose these sessions hold because they give opportunity to those that you are assisting to look to their beliefs and decide if they are useful or of value still; oftentimes beliefs become outdated and are not purged until looked at and you are giving a great gift as you give your clients the opportunity to decide if their beliefs continue to serve them.

In your imagination you can meet your departed loved ones; speak with your guides there, call to the souls of others there meaning you can speak to or reconcile with another (alive or dead) there, request assistance, experience and express freedom like you have not known in the body before and in so doing that feeling/emotion will filter down into your body. It truly is a magic place and yet it is not there if it is not in one’s reality. If one feels it is not real they will never experience it consciously. As this world is moving, shifting and changing realities, those things that were once considered not real are calling to the memories of humanity to remember. In no other lifetime was there so much ‘AVAILABILITY’ to move dimensions as there are in this now time.

All experiences ‘there’ filter down upon your body as the body moves higher in consciousness the experiences unavailable at another time can now begin to take place. To bring about your desires, be conscious and aware of them; see them take place in your imagination and let it go, knowing it is real and will show itself in the perfect time. No doubts to negate this truth. Healing takes place firstly upon the plane of creation/the imagination and the manner in which it is delivered into the reality of earth depends upon the consciousness of the one desiring this healing.

There is so much to know (or remember) regarding the imagination and the beauty of the creative source you are that works/plans/creates within it however the first step in this amazing adventure onto the plane of creation is to accept its reality. If you believe it is real, you will prove it to yourself. If you say it is not real it never will be in your reality.

One’s stories and plans move through lifetimes; are carried forward into new lives if that is one’s desire. What the plane of creation/the imagination holds is one’s planning/blueprint/destiny as that is where all things are planned FROM. Just as one’s Akash does not stop and start with each lifetime, neither does one’s imaginative/creative place for it is an ongoing process of creativity. In other words what one sees as many lifetimes, we see as a continuous story that a soul carries holding many chapter (lifetimes) within it. It is the same soul/creative source moving upon the land in different bodies holding different intentions; creating a million scenarios/stories. The imagination is a continuum of the creative, beautiful, awful, purposeful, hideous, wonderful, loving, hateful, magnificent, hilarious, horrible etc creations that each soul has created per plan. A string of stories one soul holds; stories that were built within one’s own creative platform called their imagination. Is it any wonder that it was something that those who wanted to hold power over others did not want mankind to know about? You, as so many others at this time are waking to this ‘secret’ power.

The true irony of this thing called the imagination is that it has been given the definition of being irrelevant when in truth it is THE MOST RELEVANT place any/every human will ever enter into. It is the place of all things.

As a teacher you grant others the privilege of your knowledge so we say to you, know what you know, listen to yourself and continue to assist as you so beautifully have, those students to the beauty of who they are for the gift you grant others continues to exemplify your own sweet awakening.

Be in Peace, you are loved beyond your imaginings!!

Thursday, March 10, 2022


March 7 2022 

 Ukraine War

There is not only great purpose in this war but it becomes a tipping point for the whole of humanity as you are watching something that was destined to bring forth and about the ending to war. There has never been a response of such compassion upon the earth ever, coming from every corner of the globe. You are witnessing the shift itself from 3D to 5D.  You see the energies of the war monger; the epitome of 3D/fear reigning down his terror upon the people of Ukraine. His surprise or rather shock to the resistance that came forth brings him to the place of confusion, anger and of course fear. He represents the fear that has been upon the planet for eons of time. He stands in the position of one who is losing in terms of the plans he holds of taking over all of Europe. Now this may sound unreal to think one man holds this desire in this day and age but he is that symbol of 3D/fear staging himself as that one of great power over others when in truth he is collapsing just as the old world of fear is.  The set up was perfect in its timing as the finality of this time on earth where fear has been holding the power upon the planet is playing itself out. You might think that fear doesn’t look like its power is dying considering what is taking place in Ukraine but this is the final vestiges of that energy is being viewed by the eyes of the world. The many lives lost on both sides seem to uphold the idea of fear maintaining power but we see theses souls as great warriors for the cause of this shift into love. 

Did humanity plan before birth to experience this war, and if so, why? 


In particular, did the people of Ukraine plan before they were born to experience this war, and if so, why? 

The planning to shift consciousness in this time on earth was ‘scheduled’ but not absolute.  It depended of course on many things most certainly if the intention and energy of earth’s inhabitants would uphold this plan. During the last world war when weapons were created that could destroy the earth, there was an intervention so to speak onto the planet and a plan set in motion to raise the consciousness of the earth so that the very thought of this kind of action would be absolutely unacceptable. It was deemed so serious that for the first time those councils of light beings who hold great love for the planet and those upon it, and who are overseers of the earth declared that these weapons would never again be used. They have already used this declaration and stopped their use as well they have stepped in when there were accidents and will do so again if necessary. Along with that plan there was a call to many souls who have assisted in other places and times to come aboard the ship of earth and begin individually and collectively to raise the vibration of the planet by raising their own consciousness’s which would assure that the planet would never be assaulted again in such a manner for within the consciousness of 5D/love there wouldn’t even be an interest in weapons; it is so counter to the world of love. 

Those who ‘signed up’ for the mission to come to the earth and in accordance with the plan and their individual souls plan began this great shift into 5D. They came in droves right after the war and are still coming. There were (are) many millions who hold the stamp of ‘light worker’, who had nothing but excitement for their mission after all when you are in spirit you don’t hold any fear of anything. 

It was difficult for many of these workers of light when they got to the earth since they arrived in total amnesia to themselves as well their planning. Their intention was to bring forth the fear within their own bodies, some from lifetimes ago; raise it into awareness and work to release it, and each time fear is released from the body, it is released from the earth itself. So, for the last 75 years or so, many of the earth’s inhabitants have been working to cleanse themselves of a vibration called fear and of course fear comes in many definitions that have been rising into awareness both individually and collectively. It comes is anger, cruelty, hatred, misogyny, warring, competition, disrespect, betrayal, abandonment and more and as these energies have been coming forth for the soul’s growth in transmuting them, the world began to experience more fear as it was exploding all around in its releasing which seems as the opposite but one cannot alleviate their demons; their fears until they bring them into conscious awareness and  then feel the resolve. 

As it became closer to this shift taking place the ‘war between light and dark/fear and love’ heated up and is now on fire. We will say with surety that love has already won regardless what it is you are viewing in the outer world of this war, or politics, or religions or corporate greed etc. It is a done deal and now it simply plays out. 

Humanity did plan for a war, it wasn’t set in stone where, but it became apparent that this one Putin was the perfect one to take the lead. It was declared that there would be an event that would gain the attention of the world and allow humanity to make their collective statement that we will no longer tolerate the vibration of fear within warring. We will no longer live in suppression. Each soul who gives their life for this cause/plan were absolutely aware of this possibility and were as if proud to make the sacrifice, but really when one leaves their body , sacrifice doesn’t enter into it as they are going home. No need to feel sorry for one who leaves a cold physical land to enter paradise where fear can’t touch them. They will return to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. 

This world event where all can see the terrifying atrocities taking place allows them to raise further their vibration into love as they are feeling such compassion for those who are playing out their own roles even onto death. If we could convince you of one thing it would be that death is nothing to fear; it is a homecoming unlike anything you can imagine. Those who signed up for this and who have passed are within the hands of their own beloved spirit and are assisting the world from the other side by showering  love onto the area. 

How should humanity respond to this war? 

With great compassion for that energy is more powerful than those tanks you are viewing. Each individual has their own way of responding to this war but this is giving all a chance to NOT respond in fear rather in an attitude of love towards those who suffer their own planned fate. To project the energy of love onto something can do more to create a benevolent outcome than any other response. 

This one who has provoked this war for what appears as no other reason than to further his ego has in a sense given the world a great opportunity to respond in a manner of declaring the unacceptability of living in a world where fear dictates; where fear holds the greater power on the planet.  What we are viewing is a world that is moving from fear to love as fear is wreaking havoc on its way out and off the planet. We see an army of light claiming victory. We see love prevailing. It will be a hard-fought battle but know that those beautiful souls who willingly joined the fight did so to present to humanity the opportunity for all to blast this area with that energy/vibration of love, compassion and heartfelt concern for the suffering of others. 

As each individual brings that vibration of peace into their own life, they certainly assist the earth. It is an energy that is magnifying daily even as you are viewing what may seem the opposite within this war. If you cannot be upon the battlefield or helping physically, projecting peace and love can be the greatest response humanity can give. It will assist in opening the eyes and hearts of those who are tired of the wars, tired of the fear and just want to live in peace.  

Sunday, February 13, 2022


Jan 12, ‘22

Can you tell me what is the symbolism of the Omicron virus vs Delta and what are the energetic changes for those who get it?’’

The ‘varients’ that have taken on the name Corona Virus indeed hold differing energies and as those who are infected with these various energies; their life becomes changed. The virus came for many reasons as stated fear being the main event when it first hit and this one as you may notice held much less fear certainly for the vaccinated and as well for those who find that if they get it and are unvaccinated it will not wreak havoc as before or perhaps ‘kill them’. Of course there are many variations of the sickness depending on one’s plan but by and large the depth of fear that this symbol brought to the earth has greatly lessened and that is the point/moment. As if the surge (what we see as the fear surge) is dissipating in symbolism to the fear upon the earth dissipating as it does so through the human body.

Any human body who takes upon it this virus named omicron will be as if ignited into a new dimension, one that will bring forth upon their consciousness a new beginning. It will be subtle but it is real and as one realizes that they are living a more ‘fearless’ life their lives will change in many ways most obviously in emotion they will not know fear onto authority outside themselves. They will feel more of their own power descend upon them from within their own bodies. This particular strain is energetically a gift to the planet as you look to the ‘pandemic’ beginning within the energy of great fear and panic to something more or less ‘doable’ it is felt. People’s lives will change to be sure. It will be a quiet shift yet exact and fun to observe. Many implants were scheduled in the human bodies to be triggered by this virus; similar yet different for all as each will react according to their own stories. That is why it is ‘running rampant’ so to speak for it has been awaited. It is almost as if this virus will catapult many into a higher frequency depending upon their planning. These are amazing times upon the planet. You will see fear diminish greatly in the next couple of years in time but you will see the upheaval that comes with one whose life is upended based upon their quick rise in frequency. In your observance perhaps you can enjoy the view as we do and as you have an inkling as to what is going on hold on to your humor for it will come to call often.

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.